Reto Textia. Demo Day, November 24th.
17 November, 2015
Varstiff was presented in EIDE´s annual asembly in Ermua.
18 January, 2017

The intelligent textile property of Tecnalia and Textia could make a place in the market as protective clothing for bikers.

Aitor Gaisan, from Vitoria Gasteiz is the winner of “Reto Textia”, an initiative which focus is to find new ways of implementing this innovative material.

The intelligent material created by the technological center Tecnalia, could reach the market as clothing for bikers. This has been the answer of the winner of the “Reto Textia”, an initiative launched in September by Tecnalia Ventures , Textia company and Izarra Foundation in order to look for new and entrepreneurial business ideas which use Varstiff, a material that can adopt different shapes and that after a process of taking the air from its core, this material is capable of remaining stiff, this stiffness is comparable to a conventional plastic.
The jury, formed by Kereon Partners, CAF, Izarra Foundation, Maier, Sonatex and TECNALIA, has chosen this item of clothing as the best proposal for Textia´s intelligent textile. The person who has developed this idea, Aitor Gaisan, will receive 14.000 euros to develop the first prototype and also the property he will have on the final product. He will be receiving as part of the challenge the 4% of the first two years invoicing and the 2% of the third and fourth years invoicing.
The second price has been achieved by David Ortega from Avila. His proposal has to do with creating a system for immobilising animals which have suffered bone damage in their bodies. The price is composed by 1.000 euros and the possibility of creating the business plan with the help of Izarra Foundation. The winner of the third price native from Sweden Erik Rönnquist who proposed the material as a way of holding cinema cameras, he will be receiving 500 euros and he also has the possibility of creating the business plan with the help of Izarra Foundation.
Some of the other finalist proposals were: Bicycle saddles, an emergency extractor, a car hood, kite surf board, furniture, protective covers for recording camaras and SUP motorized boards.