The intelligent textile property of Tecnalia and Textia could make a place in the market as protective clothing for bikers.
25 November, 2015
Automotive Intelligence Center (AIC), a place where Textia has validated some ideas.
15 April, 2018

Varstiff was presented in EIDE´s annual asembly in Ermua.

One week ago, The Euskadi Designers association (EIDE) celebrated at the Izarra Center in Ermua its  annual assembly. Textia was able to present its unique materials solution denominated “Varstiff”.

Thanks to its unique qualities of Varstiff, Basque designers thought it could be possible to introduce this smart textile in some of their designs. Therefore we congregated the attendees in order to explain them the  possible benefits and qualities our material could offer to their specific sector.

After answering questions we developed a practical workshop where designers could interact and feel  the material. The mayor, Carlos Totorika, opened the assembly and explained the mission of Izarra Center.

In the picture we can see in the left hand Mikel Garrido (CEO of Textia Solutions) in the middle of the photograph Benicio Aguerrea (EIDE) and in the right hand Sergio Bandinelli (Tecnalia Ventures).