Varstiff was presented in EIDE´s annual asembly in Ermua.
18 January, 2017
The first all-stage Children Restrain System (CRS)
17 May, 2018

Automotive Intelligence Center (AIC), a place where Textia has validated some ideas.

The past 11 of April we were at the Automotive Intelligence Center (AIC) presenting Varstiff and the on-going projects we are developing.

AIC is the main automotive cluster in the north of Spain and they are a referent to follow in this sector. It was created with the specific focus of creating value on the sector on an open innovation strategy where companies can test and improve their ideas and market orientation on a cooperative atmosphere.
The format was interesting to us, in AIC they called it AIC Pitch, but it was far beyond a normal pitch, we had the opportunity of talking for about 2 hours with the management team of AIC while we had lunch. The person in charge of Business Intelligence expressed the importance of materials such as Varstiff due to the on-going tendency of Morphing in car interiors and exteriors.
We also validated with the AIC management team that the material is suitable for this sector, and thanks to the optimisation done during the past years we presented a solution cheap to produce, homologation friendly and totally customizable in shape and touch.