Automotive Intelligence Center (AIC), a place where Textia has validated some ideas.
15 April, 2018
Textia wins the special price at the start-up competition at Cita Emprende
20 June, 2018

The first all-stage Children Restrain System (CRS)

Some time ago we decided that we had to test our material solution in one of the toughest possible scenarios and that was one of the reasons why we choose the automotive sector. Hard regulations with extreme tests and low margins made it the perfect sector to create a cheap and highly resistant solution.

After 6 months optimising the material, we can now say proudly that Varstiff is 24% thinner and 30% lighter, we have also reduced in a 90% its price, making it perfect for the automotive market.

For this reason we decided to start a project in this sector and precisely having to do with children and security. We are now developing a Children Restrain System  (CRS) and we will be launching the first prototype in September-October this year and if everything goes as planned we will be ready to produce it mass market by mid 2019.
Thanks to our solution we will create the first all-stage CRS which grows with the child, covering all age ranges while it is complusory. In addition as part of our materials unique qualities we reduce drastically the CSR´s dimensions since it can be folded when is not being used. This makes possible that sectors that currently don’t use a CSR or are not satisfied with current solutions due to logistical issues (taxi; bus and car rentals) could have a solution, according to their needs, to make transportation safer for children.
Something important to mention is that Varstiff is the structure of the CRS. This means that we won’t be commercializing the final product and this fact opens a huge variety of different looks making possible that every manufacturer can be present in the solution.