The first all-stage Children Restrain System (CRS)
17 May, 2018
We already have the first prototype of our all-stage Child Restraint System
10 September, 2018

Textia wins the special price at the start-up competition at Cita Emprende

About one month ago, we were communicated that Textia had gone through the selection process to pitch at the start-up competition at Cita Emprende.
Cita Emprende

Cita Emprende is an event where start-ups looking for investment and recognition are welcomed to attend and make a 6 minutes investment pitch.We started the day early in the morning as the event took place in a nearby town (Donostia- San Sebastian).

As we arrived, we were given the accreditation and the organisation had organised us some “speed” meetings with investors and interesting people of the sector.
After having lunch we were called to start with the sound tests of the start-up competition which was going to take place in just 20 minutes. The space was really well conditioned, a cinema display where the audience could follow the presentation and two other plasma screens showing the speaker the presentation and the time remaining.
Textia was the third one to go on stage, after presenting the material (Varstiff) and its qualities, we did a demo test to show the audience how the technology works and the time was over. A total of 10 start-ups that had been selected from more than 50 had a chance of pitching.Once all speakers had finished the jury had to deliberate to whom they gave the prices.
We are proud to say that Textia was awarded with the special price given by La Caixa Bank.
This amazing day was already about to finish and after so many hours we can confirm that has ment a lot to Textia, as we were connected with interesting people of the sector and could learn from all the other start-ups that were present at the event.