Textia wins the special price at the start-up competition at Cita Emprende
20 June, 2018
Textia and our portable CRS are present at the most important child care fair in Europe.
21 September, 2018

We already have the first prototype of our all-stage Child Restraint System


Since we decided that we were going to include our Varstiff material in a Child Restraint System (CRS) it has been some time, but not in vain.

After many adjustments, different designs and many many hours of technical details, we already have the first functional prototype of the CRS.

This is a prototype to test key features, see if it works perfectly and will also serve as a prototype demonstrator to our customers.

In addition to taking into account our external structure and the behavior of the employees, we took advantage of the occasion to place the textile materials and the measurements of the whole.

Our goal, as we have already mentioned, is that this CRS accompanies us on the different trips we make, so it has to be transported as carry-on luggage on airplanes.

Very soon we will see if it is suitable!