We already have the first prototype of our all-stage Child Restraint System
10 September, 2018
Textia and our all-stage CRS are funded by the European Commision.
25 December, 2018

Textia and our portable CRS are present at the most important child care fair in Europe.

From September 20 to 23, 2018.

This date is, for companies that have childcare products, the most important of the year. A date, where the new products and innovations that will be launched to the market in the coming years are presented.

But, where does all this happen?

Germany hosts the largest and most important childcare fair in Europe, where more than 1200 brands are concentrated, showing their products to more than 22,500 visitors.

In Textia we knew that we had to be there, in one way or another the Kind und Jugend was the best possible scenario to present our all-stage CRS. We worked very hard to get here, last minute changes in the designs and the delays suffered as a result of producing the prototype in August meant that we had to extend our week to ensure we could reach that marked date.

In addition, we had another challenge to overcome, one of the keys of our CRS is that it is portable and it has to be also admitted as hand luggage on a plane, and what better way than flying to Cologne.

And we got it! Textia occupies stand A036 in hall 4.1 of ASEPRI.The truth is that we are already on the second day of this fair and it is very promising, many are the curious who are left speechless with what we have created and many others do not understand how this product is not already being manufactured worldwide.

After the fair, we will have to see in perspective how productive it has been, but at this moment it is as we were promised, the biggest fair in Europe.