Textia and our portable CRS are present at the most important child care fair in Europe.
21 September, 2018
Textia appears in the third page of “El Diario Vasco”
24 January, 2019

Textia and our all-stage CRS are funded by the European Commision.

Since we started with the all-stage CRS project, we knew that this project was just the tip of the iceberg of something much bigger. This is a very ambitious project that has been divided into two stages, the first one in which we are now submerged, creating an all-stage portable CRS.

But, it is the second phase ,in which we will really revolutionize the world of child safety in the automotive sector, since it is all about implementing this concept of an all-stage CRS directly in origin in car seats.

Our vision is clear, we want that the CRS which is currently passive safety element inside the car become active and is specially designed for each vehicle, avoiding the main causes for children death; the incorrect installation of the CRS to the vehicle and the potential fitments errors that may occur when a user installs the CRS in a car´s seat.

Apparently, this idea has not only excited us, but thanks to the European funds of the SME Instrument Phase I, last December we started working on this second phase sooner that we expected.

We know that only 3% of the projects submitted to these funds get to be financed and Textia andour all-stage CRS in origin have achieved it.

This not only accelerates the process of launching the origin CRS, but it also opens the door to a second financing phase in which Textia could be self-sufficient in terms of manufacturing and commercialization.


A great news that advances the launch date of the real revolution in the world of child safety.