Textia and our all-stage CRS are funded by the European Commision.
25 December, 2018
Textia wins the business innovation award in Muncunill Terrasa 2019
14 February, 2019

Textia appears in the third page of “El Diario Vasco”


Some time ago we presented our especial all-stage portable CRS in the most famous childcare fair in Europe, the Kind und Jugend.

Since then, our phone has not stopped ringing, many media companies have been interested in seeing our CRS.

Finally, when work has given us a break, we have been able to interview with the Diario Vasco.

The two reporters were able to see how our solution works, interact with it and see how our CRS changed through the different age groups (0-1; 2-3).

As you can read in the article (which has appeared in full page in the edition of January 14, 2019) reporters described it as an impossible that is very close to be achieved, as soon as it reached the market.

We still have to work for that to happen, since there are still iterations before it is launched to the market.

We want to thank The Diario Vasco for a sensational article!