Textia appears in the third page of “El Diario Vasco”
24 January, 2019

Textia wins the business innovation award in Muncunill Terrasa 2019



This award recognizes all the work done since 2015, when we undertook an adventure into the unknown with a technology which we still did not know the whole of its potential.

Since 2015 we have fought every day to do things differently, in an innovative way.

We try to innovate from the technology itself, to the business model and going through our work methodologies.


Varstiff is a technology capable of altering the state of rigidity of objects by means of a vacuum.

In 2017, we were determined to innovate in one of the most archaic sectors of all, the sector of child safety.

We knew it was a difficult sector, with many regulations that would surely test our technology, but little by little and step by step we have been proving that our technology is the answer we have been waiting for.


Thank you to all those people and institutions that have been there since our inception and that you continue to support today.

And thank in a very special way the town hall of Terrasa and the town hall of Ermua for having chosen us as winners of an award that means so much to us.


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