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Textia develops and commercializes products and solutions based on Varstiff®, a patented innovative materials technology that provides a smart textile, capable of infinity variable and reversible states of flexibility and stiffness depending on the vacuum applied.

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Mikel GarridoMikel Garrido

Business Development. Experience in launching new products and start-ups to the market in different industries. Inventor with 6 patents and 6 products launched. Entrepreneur and founder of 4 companies: Kidy Froh, Euraslog, Safexperience and Agotek. President of Spain´s national children security association.

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Aitor BellosoAITOR BELLOSO 2017

Technical Director. Industrial engineer with more than 9 years experience in  Tecnalia Research Center leading the development of Varstiff Technology.

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Gorka Hermoso

Financial Manager. More than 8 years experience in strategic consultancy and over 3 years working as Tecnalia´s portfolio companies manager at Tecnalia Ventures.

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Javier TabernillaJavier Tabernilla

Business Suport Manager. Entrepreneur and founder of two companies with experience in business launching and team leadership.

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