Enhance your possibilities by generating new or improved products for your customers

Smart solutions for the person


Varstiff® as a textile can be draped around the body, and when switched to rigid provides a protective shell fitting the body. This allows to use a uniform design to fit the individual person.


Varstiff® allows a rigid structure to be shaped exactly to the form of the body, which largely increases the comfort of wearing or being in contact with rigid parts.


Flexible Varstiff® can be put on the body as needed and when switched to rigid provides the support to immobilize limbs or other body parts. For example, to transport injured people.

Smart solutions for objects


Varstiff® allows to change the shape of a rigid object according to actual needs. For objects that need to be rigid, but with a shape designed on the spot, or with shapes that have to differ over time.


Varstiff® allows to create rigid objects, that still can be folded by switching to flexible state, for example for storage.


Varstiff® allows to change stiffness properties according to actual needs. For objects that need to be flexible in some circumstances and more rigid in others.

Varstiff has demonstrated its ability to generate new and improved products

Children Restrain System (CRS)

Due to Varstiff´s innovative technology we are creating the first ALL- stage Children Restrain System (CRS). This CRS grows with the child and is suitable for ages from 0 to12 years old.

  • One unique device suitable for children aged from 0 to 12 years old.
  • Reduces 75% the total family expenditure in CRS.
  • Easyly foldable and small storage size needed.
  • Implementation in sectors currently not well attended or unattended such as taxi or car rentals.


TEXTIA has developed a new wheelchair posture support that assists patients suffering from motor control disorders to find and maintain a correct, healthy and comfortable posture of the upper body while sitting in a wheelchair.

  • Comfort and correct sedentary posture support
  • Supports rehabilitation recovery
  • Reduction of pain problems coming from incorrect postures
  • Clinical Study: click here.

Flexible mobile screens

A Korean manufacturer of smart screens tempered glass, is developing with Varstiff a new generation of screens with curving properties and aplicable not only in smartphones but also in televisions and other electronical devices.

  • Flexible smartscreen
  • Shock resistant
  • Applicable to many other electronical devices.

Automotive Sector

We are working in different projects in the automotive sector. Due to strict regulations and limited margins, is the best sector where to validate and optimize our technology.

  • We are working to introduce Varstiff in the car of the future.
  • Working with world leading car manufacturing companies.
  • Developing different projects that have to do with car´s interior and exterior.