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Varstiff ® technology allows the stiffness variation of a layer laminate by compressing them in an airtight sealed container by controlling the negative pressure. This technology allows creating sheets of different shapes and thicknesses that vary from flexible (mouldable) to rigid (moulded), being this process reversible.

Let´s have a look at Varstiff ® in detail!

The technology comprises the following basic components:

Core material layers

Varstiff ® materials technology is built up in layers, the quantity and design of the layers can vary for different applications. Different materials can be used to implement this functionality: the choice will depend on factors such as required stiffness level, foldability or cost.

External material

Many airtight external materials can be used for our developments. Depending on the requirements, we can provide materials that could be used directly in functional conditions or covered for a concrete specification.

Pneumatic components

To create the correct vacuum pressure, we need a vacuum pump to extract the air and a valve system to control it. We provide both manual and electrical pumps and we have the possibility to control and adapt the pressure in the application to ensure optimum performance.