Children Restrain System (CRS)

Due to Varstiff´s ® innovative technology we are creating the first ALL- stage Children Restrain System (CRS). This CRS grows with the child and is suitable for ages from 0 to12 years old.

✔ One unique device suitable for children aged from 0 to 12 years old.
✔ Reduces 75% the total family expenditure in CRS.
✔ Easily foldable and small storage size needed.
✔ Implementation in sectors currently not well attended or unattended such as taxi or car rentals.


Wheelchair Inmobilization Device (WID)

TEXTIA has developed a new wheelchair posture support that assists patients suffering from motor control disorders to find and maintain a correct, healthy and comfortable posture of the upper body while sitting in a wheelchair.

✔ Comfort and correct sedentary posture support
✔ Supports rehabilitation recovery
✔ Reduction of pain problems coming from incorrect postures
✔ Clinical Study: CLICK HERE >

Automotive Sector

We are working in different projects in the automotive sector. Due to strict regulations and limited margins, is the best sector where to validate and optimize our technology.

✔ We are working to introduce Varstiff ® in the car of the future..
✔ Working with world leading car manufacturing companies.
✔ Developing different projects that have to do with car´s interior and exterior.